What a great and busy month! No wonder I’m so tired. 🙂

A planned vacation to Mallorca (a small island off Spain) ended up being a sleep-a-thon because I was sick the whole time! Thankfully I had some nice co-vacationers who were very kind.

I participated as a reviewer in a National Institutes of Health grant review for fellowships and training grants. Our committee reviewed 94 (!!) applications for fellowships and research to the National Institutes of Mental Health. It’s always a joy to be part of the next generation of scientists. 

I also hosted the Public Mental Health Partnership team, a collaboration between UCLA and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, on their most recent visit to the Big Apple! We brought homeless outreach workers and psychiatrists who work with homeless individuals to see NYC’s superstars: a safety net clinic at Bellevue Hospital, the co-response team with NYPD that partners police officers with peers and counselors, Intensive Mobile Treatment teams in Brooklyn and Queens that go out to help homeless individuals on the street, and much more! It was an amazing team and an absolute pleasure. And I got to play tour guide and share super pastrami sandwiches with the team!

And I spent the end of the month in Portland, Oregon, working with CODA, Inc., Portland’s largest drug treatment program. I am directing their research program, which includes projects with Oregon Health & Science University, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and others to help improve treatment for individuals with opioid-use disorders and other drug problems.

While I was at CODA, I provided training to CODA managers on improving their management skills. We discussed power dynamics, decision making, team building, effective meetings, professional development, and crisis management. Stay tuned for more on upcoming management training!

I also have a few academic articles coming out soon: one on making organizational change, and another on using project management skills to improve productivity on research studies.

Working now on wrapping up projects for the end of the year. What are you working on?