Hi all, writing to let you know good things are happening!

You know my book, Millennials’ Guide to Work, is coming out Tuesday, June 18. So exciting! I’m setting up a bonus for those of who who want to check it out on the very first day. Stay tuned!

AND … I just met with fantastic folks at CODA, Inc., a truly innovative substance use treatment agency in Portland, Oregon. I’m working with CODA’s highly talented staff on updating policies, establishing employee proficiency models, and creating management training. I’ll be back in beautiful Portland in July.

AND … I am delighted to be starting work with the Center for Veterans’ Research and Education in Minneapolis. I am consulting with them on a project to increase Veterans’ willingness and ability to take part in cancer clinical trials. Good stuff!

Veteran Owned Small Business

AND … speaking of Veterans, Wisdom Consulting was just certified as an official Veteran-Owned Small Business! My work as an intrepid US Army photojournalist stationed in Germany during the first Gulf War was excellent preparation for the work I’m doing now with the Center for Care Delivery and Outcomes Research at the Minneapolis Veterans Health Administration and CVRE.

I’m sure you have lots of good stuff going on too! If you want help with work, let me know. I’m happy to help you get to the good stuff!