• Change is hard. But I can help you make it easier. No matter what needs changing, I can work with you and your stakeholders to clarify the problem and potential solutions, translate strategy into action, and provide support and coaching to enact sustainable solutions.

  • Even really smart people can’t always see the whole landscape, and I can help light the way. I provide individual and team consultation and problem solving (with individual follow up booster sessions) to work through any issues. I specialize in working with highly technically proficient individuals who are challenged in managing staff and getting things done

  • I can provide training to your organization or team on leadership, negotiation, conflict management, teamwork, mentoring, and project management. See more in the Speaking section.

  • Need a talk to motivate your team? I provide keynote and other speeches for organizations large and small.

You’re great at what you do. So why is this so hard?


My Story

I grew up a middle-class, suburban kid in the southeast U.S. going on family vacations to Florida, but I always knew that big adventure and travel were in my future. And making things work – I have always loved to make things work! For as long as I remember, I have visualized problems and their solutions in spreadsheets and flow charts; it was tough to be such a nerdy kid but, it’s a great skill to have as an adult! Moving homes and changing schools 9 times before I finished high school, I was a young pro at adjusting to change and quickly assessing relationships, organizations and systems to make things work.

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  • A.S., Assistant Director

    Jennifer was quick to understand the organization’s particular needs and quickly started configuring the organization to make it a professional, knowledgeable and customer service driven organization. She was instrumental in forming effective teams, creating and implementing systems and reporting tools, and bridging gaps between our central units. The results are invaluable. Perhaps most importantly, the result of my work with Jennifer is that I have grown in confidence from a manager of a 5-person team who never thought she was capable to manage a large team, to today where I have succeeded in becoming an Assistant Director leading a team of more than 20 employees. Jennifer gently pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally.

  • R.D., University Administrator

    I believe Jennifer can bring about such great success because it doesn’t occur to her that something is impossible

  • K.H., University Faculty

    Jennifer has provided excellent coaching to help me achieve my goals at work. She advised on managing up, managing my colleagues, and getting things done. She is incredible!

  • F.L., University Faculty

    Jennifer has so much she can do that merely limiting herself to what is possible is painful for her.